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Tyler Deaton

Senior Advisor

Phone: 202-750-7228



Washington, D.C. (Nov. 6) - Tyler Deaton, GOP fundraiser and strategist, and senior advisor to Lincoln-Roosevelt PAC, issued the following statement in response to Congressman Dave Brat's (R-VA) defeat in Virginia's 7th Congressional District:


"Mr. Brat lost because his views are too extreme for Virginia. Instead of focusing on his own constituents, Brat aligned himself with national fringe organizations outside of his district to vilify immigrants, LGBTQ Americans, and many others. Virginia voters, including many Republicans, rightfully rejected his fear-mongering.


"Brat's brief tenure in Congress will be remembered for his support of the Trump's Administration's extreme anti-immigrant agenda, including family separation, the so-called 'Muslim ban,' and his extreme opposition to bipartisan immigration reforms. Brat is not a conservative or a Republican in any true sense of the words. Abe Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt would be appalled by Brat and and his ilk who tarnish the party rooted in personal liberty, free markets, pluralism, and American exceptionalism.


"Lincoln-Roosevelt PAC invested in this race because we value our convictions over blind allegiance to any GOP incumbent. Our $40,000 advertising campaign, viewable here, was targeted primarily to independent women and younger voters.  


"As president of a D.C.-based, center-right public affairs firm, I've supported hundreds of Republican candidates for office, and I prefer to support Republicans. But Brat's loss, along with Roy Moore's loss in Alabama last year, and losses in many more races tonight are lessons to Republicans across the country: there will be devastating political consequences for politicians who spread hate and divisiveness, and we - your fellow Republicans - will hold you accountable."


Lincoln-Roosevelt PAC (LRPAC) represents the traditional values of the Republican Party. LRPAC is an independent-expenditure committee in its first cycle with plans to expand in 2020.



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